Update: LOTR Countdown!!!

As of 9/18/01, there are now only 92 days until Fellowship of the Ring comes to theaters.

I've always loved the Arthurian cycle. Merlin, Arthur, Excalibur, Lancelot, Gawain...these names have been in my head as long as I can remember. Nothing to me has ever been more awesome or incredible as the idea of heroic knights and powerful wizards rescuing maidens, waging great battles, slaying dragons, and fighting the eternal war between good and evil.

Then came Star Wars. It's science fiction. It's fantasy. Swords and sorcery, blasters and space fighters...of course I loved it.

I must admit that my interest in fantasy decreased for a long time. When I started to attend college and learned about "Literature," I thought fantasy was too childish, too inconceivable, and too reliant upon stock characters and plots. Then I discovered the works of Tolkein. Now I know that fantasy, like every other genre, includes some great works along with a great number of losers.

My newest creative writing effort is a fantasy novel. I'm just getting started now, but I'll put new info on my creative writing page as things develop.


Lord of the Rings Movie Site
The greatest fantasy novels ever are going to be the greatest film trilogy...well, we'll see, but they'll surely be pretty darn good.

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